California Water Policy Planning Committee

Co-Chair - Jovita Pajarillo US EPA Region 9 (retired)
Co-Chair - Meena Westford MWD of Southern California
Mike Antos     Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
Amy Chen   San Diego County Water Authority
Jennifer Clary   Clean Water Action
Danielle Dolan   Local Government Commission
Mark Drew   California Trout
Chris Elliott   ICF Paul
Gilbert-Snyder   East Bay Municipal Utility District
Mark Horne   EW Consulting
Mary Lee Knecht   Bureau of Reclamation
Fan Lau   San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Todd Manley   Northern California Water Association
Larry McKenney   Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
Marguerite Patil   Contra Costa Water District
Tom Philp   MWD of Southern California
Jennifer Pierre   State Water Contractors
Adam Robin   Regional Water Authority
Brad Sherwood   Sonoma County Water Agency
Douglas Wallace   East Bay Municipal Utility District
Ellen Wehr   Grassland Water District
Evon Wilhoff CA Department of Water Resources
Greg Zlotnick   San Juan Water District
Rachel Zwillinger   Defenders of Wildlife
Conference Staff - Debbi Dodson   Dodson & Associates

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